Vocal Foundations : Singing and Performance Centre
Where singers and teachers come to learn, train and master their voices.
Get the right information to help your voice shine!
Vocal Foundations is not your every day singing school. My name is Greg van Bergen and I'm here to provide personalised vocal / singing coaching exploring how the “voice box” really works, develop long lasting skills with personalised training plans, and most importantly how to apply these skills to help you move through fear and explore your performance goals.

I believe in providing an unbiased, safe and comfortable environment where voice production can be explored, discussed, practiced and controlled.
Located at 3 Cedar Grove, Selby (Victoria, Australia), Vocal Foundations is there to help you remove the mystery behind your voice.
The Vocal Foundations Service
Your personalised Vocal Foundations experience with vocal coach Greg van Bergen.
  1. One On One and Group Training sessions
    Everyone has different abilities, ages and backgrounds. Personalised vocal coaching is the perfect way to ensure that the focus is on you. I will work with you one on one to ensure that each session and your training are meeting your vocal needs.
  2. Training Plans
    What do you do when you're not at your singing lesson? I will help construct a personalised training plan each lesson with specific exercises for you to take away and continue your vocal development.
  3. Over 13 Years Experience
    My experience reflects over 13 years of working as a vocal trainer within the industry. Specialising in voice mechanics and physiology, I am a qualified trainer and assessor and my skills are recognised in commercial and musical theatre voice training courses in Melbourne. I also works within the secondary school environment with up and coming young contemporary musicians.
Find Out More About Me!
Everyone can learn to sing!
Learning to sing can be a rewarding experience. Whether you are a professional musician or a complete beginner, you can gain control over your voice with training.
It is a part of you, it moves with you and feels with you.
It is up to you.

Vocal Foundations is where singers come to learn, train and master their voices.
I'm ready when you are!

Greg van Bergen
Voice trainer and owner at Vocal Foundations