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Coaching Packages Available
"I always feel vocally refreshed here. Love it!" (Brooke Shearer - Singer/Songwriter)
Vocal Foundations offer two great packages designed to get the best out of singer-songwriters and vocalists. Check them out below.
Train in person or via video online.

1. Vocal / Singing Technique Coaching​​

The Perfect solution for vocalists wanting to develop their technical skills. 
Each monthly package includes 4x 45 minute weekly one-on-one coaching developing your:

-> understanding of how the voice works and moves. Moving away from relying on imagery for development, here we will explore the "ins and outs" of the larynx, its parts and how you can control it. After all, it is your instrument and you probably want to learn how to play it. Sound scary or complicated? It isn't!

-> ability to deliver long lasting, safe and reliable techniques. Stop losing your voice! The only wrong in singing is "pain". Understand what causes your voice to fatigue and develop skills to build a reliable, healthy vocal delivery.

-> voice projection and intensity. Driving your airflow DOES NOT project your voice! You can not blow air at the speed of sound. This will most likely result in fatigue and loss of voice. Learn how to project your voice and create intensity by understanding and developing parts of your instrument that do exactly that!

-> application of varying voice qualities (tone/dynamics) for your specific needs. You've heard the terms Belting, Opera, Legit, Pop, Rock, Jazz haven't you? What are they? These examples are the finished product. Learn the "ingredient skills" that make up the voice quality and tone you desire.

-> technical application to your songs. This is the fun and creative part. The skills you have learned are like the varying paint brushes to your artwork. Start applying your technical skills to your performances.

-> continued self-practice with weekly customised learning plans​​. After each session I provide you via email your customised training plan with a detailed description of the areas of practice and focus for the week and the long term future. 

The first place to start is by contacting vocal coach Greg van Bergen. from there we can set up an appointment time to have an in person conversation at Vocal Foundations to see how we can work together. This is a 30 minute FREE appointment where we can get to know each other a little, and can establish if my coaching will be suited to you before we take the plunge into our first month of weekly vocal coaching.

I do this with all my new clients! It's the best way to answer your questions and get to know you and your goals for your voice. See that button below... THAT'S WHERE WE CAN GET STARTED!
"It is important to me to find the right fit for you. Whether it's individual training in singing or goal oriented coaching; be sure that each session has you as the focus.​" - Greg van Bergen

(Photo by Jack Sharp - courtesy of Unsplash)
​​NEW!! ​​
2. The Authentic Artist Incubator

Singer / Songwriters Rejoice!!! In the Authentic Artist Incubator, you'll evolve from a beginning singer/songwriter to a confident, powerful, commanding performer as we... :
-> Develop your personal strengths assessment of your abilities as both a singer/song-writer and as a performer
-> Create an individualised roadmap for the skills you want to strengthen -- as well as the action plan over the next 3-6 months to develop and solidify those capabilities to help you grow
-> Add game-changing mindset work, including goal setting, visualisation, performance jitter calming meditations, and accessing deeper emotional resonance to enhance your technique
-> Make confident decisions as an authentic artist, moving through fear and recognising and creating ‘YES’ opportunities as they present themselves.
-> Record each coaching session so you can review them and repeat the vocal and mindset work on your own.
-> Receive feedback and weekly personalised training plans to zero-in on the areas of technical and growth development.   

This is a 60 minute weekly package of 4 one-on-one in person sessions.
I only have space for 4 Authentic Artists in the Incubator each quarter, so click the button below to express interest in the program. If you show that you're committed and have what it takes to transform your singing into powerful performances, we'll schedule a time to talk about how to get started. ​​
Submit your expression of interest HERE!
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My prices at Vocal Foundations are very competitive within the industry.
You can choose from one of my payment options that best suits your needs.

Payments can be made by cash, direct deposit and credit card.

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* All lessons are subject to a 24 hour cancellation notification policy. Any appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours notification or unattended will be charged at the full lesson amount (as per your payment package).
Monthly packages: all 4 sessions must be scheduled within a 6 week period.