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 This is where you can find a list of all the blogs I have written for Vocal Foundations. Enjoy!

March 1st - A love letter to my inner singer

February 15th - Self-care for a singer / performer.
February 1st - Treat your singing and performing like a job and it will take you places.

November 16th - You want to be a great performer? Get out of your comfort zone.
November 9th:  What Does 7 hours per week of singing practice feel like?
November 2nd: Literally and Figuratively learn to use your voice.

October 26th - The right way to sing?
October 19th - Repost: 5 ways to a fearless singing performance
October 12th - Being a singer and performer is hard.
October 5th - Why I'm still a singing teacher 14 years on?

September 28th - You WILL get better with singing lessons.
September 21st - Is Singing really all that mysterious?
September 14th - Singing is all about the air, right?
September 7th - Find courage to start the singing lessons you’ve always wanted

August 31st - Post Gig Reflections
August 25th - The time is now. Stop waiting!
August 18th - Singing through Performance Anxiety.
August 11th - Singers! Get out of your head.
August 4th - Teaching vocal technique to singer songwriters

July 28th - Why I speak with my vocal clients first.
July 21st - Training the voices of singer songwriters online
July 14th - Overcoming boredom when practicing?
July 7th - How to practice when you're on holidays?

June 29th - There's more to singing than belting.
June 22nd - Meeting the expectations of your singing lessons: Part 2
June 15th - Meeting the expectations of your singing lessons: Part 1
June 8th - Motivate and achieve your singing and performance dreams
June 1st - Are you actually learning how to sing in your singing lesson?

May 19th - YOU CAN'T SING - 3 words that stop people enjoying their voices.
May 12th - How NOT to sound like a trained singer.
May 5th - Singing through an avalanche of knowledge

April 18th - 5 ways to a fearless singing performance.

"I am a specialist vocal trainer and performance coach who helps singer/song-writers and vocalists develop their technical skills, identity and mental awareness, so that they can move through fear and become an authentic artist in front of their audiences. This is my blog."
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