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The perfect gift for the singer in your life.
Hello there. Vocal Foundations is the home of specialised vocal/singing training and artist coaching for passionate singers and songwriters who want to master their voice. With over a decade of professional industry training experience, Vocal Foundation's in-person (Wantirna South) and online singing lesson training package help singer-songwriters and vocalists get more out of their voice.

I'm excited to offer a very special  gift certificate package for
that special someone who sings in your life. 

1x 30 minute consultation + 1x 45 minute singing training session

COST $75 AUD inc GST

Each personalised gift certificate package includes an initial 30 minute consultation with vocal coach Greg van Bergen. This is the perfect way to discover the vocal needs and challenges of the singer and see how I can assist them to reach their goals.

The next session is where we dive right into singing training. This jam-packed 45 minute session will cover the foundations of how the voice works and moves, practise technical skills and how to make the most of your singing with a detailed vocal training plan for the future. 

Terms and Conditions: Gift Certificates are valid for 1 year from date of purchase. Payments are made via credit card (worldwide) or direct deposit (within Australia). Sessions are offered in-person at Vocal Foundations (Wantirna South) or online via Skype or Zoom. Sessions times are scheduled through Vocal Foundation's online calendar booking system.
Singers must be 15 years and above. A Parent/Guardian is required to be present at the initial 30 minute consultation for singers under 18 years old.​​
Please fill out your details below and I will respond within 24 hours with all the details you need to purchase and print your gift certificate. Any further questions, please let me know in the message box provided. I look forward to hearing from you.
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The Perfect solution for vocalists wanting to develop their technical skills. 

-> understanding of how the voice works and moves. Moving away from relying on imagery for development, here we will explore the "ins and outs" of the larynx, its parts and how you can control it. After all, it is your instrument and you probably want to learn how to play it. Sound scary or complicated? It isn't!

-> ability to deliver long lasting, safe and reliable techniques. Stop losing your voice! The only wrong in singing is "pain". Understand what causes your voice to fatigue and develop skills to build a reliable, healthy vocal delivery.

-> voice projection and intensity. Driving your airflow DOES NOT project your voice! You can not blow air at the speed of sound. This will most likely result in fatigue and loss of voice. Learn how to project your voice and create intensity by understanding and developing parts of your instrument that do exactly that!

-> application of varying voice qualities (tone/dynamics) for your specific needs. You've heard the terms Belting, Opera, Legit, Pop, Rock, Jazz haven't you? What are they? These examples are the finished product. Learn the "ingredient skills" that make up the voice quality and tone you desire.

-> technical application to your songs. This is the fun and creative part. The skills you have learned are like the varying paint brushes to your artwork. Start applying your technical skills to your performances.

-> continued self-practice with weekly customised learning plans​​. After each session I provide you via email your customised training plan with a detailed description of the areas of practice and focus for the week and the long term future.

-> Artist, teacher and performer mentoring is an included part of your technical training package!  

"I am a specialist vocal trainer and performance coach who helps singers, songwriters and artists develop their technical skills and mental awareness, so that they can move through fear and shine in front of an audience".
- Greg van Bergen
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My name is Greg van Bergen, and I am a specialist vocal trainer, performance coach and the founder of Vocal Foundations. I am a qualified trainer and assessor and have been coaching many local singers, songwriters and artists in Melbourne, Australia to help them achieve their singing and performance ambitions.

What is a specialist vocal coach? I have a keen interest in voice mechanics and physiology. In simpler terms, I love how "the voice box" works, what moves where? and how I can help others make the sounds they want.
I have trained under the Estill Voice Model since 2008 and earned the Certificate of Figure Proficiency qualification in 2010. I continue to train under mentorship, and have successfully completed part of the requirements to achieve the Estill Master Teacher status.​

My passion is working with people who want to sing, to help them learn and develop their skills, and develop strategies to overcome their performance fears. In 2004 I started my own singing teaching business "Monstar Music" to do just that. In 2013 the business evolved and was renamed to "Vocal Foundations", positioning itself as a specialised technical training destination for singer / songwriters and vocalists in Melbourne and online to the world.

"After having coached emerging singers for over a decade, I know you'll walk away from our training together a more confident performer, a more technically skilled singer, a more emotionally powerful songwriter, and a more joyful person. I've seen the transformations in my clients, year after year, and can't wait to help your genuine voice break free and be shared with the world". 

My skills have been recognised in VET commercial and musical theatre voice training courses in Melbourne. Clients have gone on to work for Disneyland Paris, Dubai Parks and cruise-liners. I work with singer/songwriters who perform regularly in local bands, solo acts and wedding singers/bands.
I also works within the secondary school environment with up and coming young contemporary musicians. 

I am an ongoing member of the Australian National Association of the Teachers of Singing.

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