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Here is some of the 5-star reviews on Google and Facebook I’ve received from clients,
their feedback speaks louder than anything I could say:​

EDWARD WILLOUGHBY Singer/Songwriter /Artist 
In just 6 months learning to sing with Greg, I've conquered years of fear around singing, found parts of my voice I never knew existed, and given life to music that previously could only exist in my mind. The confidence, range, and control he has helped me build had created a strong foundation on which I look forward to seeing my creativity and vocal skills continue to grow! 

BROOKE SHEARER Singer/Songwriter/Artist 
I always feel vocally refreshed here. Love it! I have been a singer for all of my life but at the beginning of last year I had gotten to the point where I could not sing even one song without pain. I called Greg and through a time of frustration and panic he helped me understand what was going on and how to fix it. After the first lesson I noticed a massive change straight away. I love learning all about my instrument in a fun and enjoyable environment. I have confidence in my voice again and my abilities. I can now sing and have done 40 minute sets. I could not thank Greg enough.

MATTHEW BRIGHT Singer/Songwriter/Artist
An amazing teacher with the ability to help you uncover whichever facet of singing you desire!
Greg is able to help you understand the mechanisms used to sing and how to properly utilise them. Resulting in extremely noticeable differences :)
Additionally to just being a teacher, Greg is also a very personable, bubbly, energetic friend and mentor.
Definitely recommend to anyone looking to take the next step in their singing ability.

I have had many singing teachers in my life, but Greg really is the most rewarding. I feel comfortable and encouraged in his workspace, and we have lots of fun in my lessons. I’m so glad I found him! He understands the physiology of the voice and cuts through all of the nonsense, and as a result I feel more confident and capable than ever before. Encouraging, fun, professional environment. I was blown away at the knowledge he has, not just about voice, but with the industry as well. I feel like my voice is capable of anything with Greg as my coach, and am energised to pursue my career with the tools he has given me. I have found the perfect singing teacher, thanks Greg!

GORDON GILL Singer / Guitarist / Performer
I’ve been having lessons now for 10 months. Greg is a fantastic teacher who explains the physiology of what we are trying to achieve without any of the nonsense, making it easy to recognise what I need to be concentrating on. He is also patient and understanding of the fact that singing comes second to my guitar! I have definitely come to right place and know that I’m efficiently getting out of our lessons exactly what I put in!

RIKKI-LEE BURLEY Vocalist/Dancer/Performer

I started taking group and private voice lessons with Greg in 2015. Since undertaking Greg's tuition and learning vocal technique, I've become a completely new singer. I've been singing for many years, but my lessons have given me so much more knowledge and control of my voice. I can sing in ways I never imagined I could, thanks to this training. Beyond this, I consider Greg a friend. He's a wonderfully energetic teacher and a joy to work with. I accredit my vocal training with Greg to many successful auditions, including for Disney parks and the Taylor Swift Experience. Thank you Greg, for this incredible knowledge you have equip me with!

BEN KAVAN Vocalist/Performer
I've been training with Greg for 5 years and it all began because I finally mustered up the guts and booked my first singing lesson lesson... Ever!
I think what makes Vocal Foundations amazing is Greg's approach to teaching, the chilled environment and the fact that it's really open to anyone regardless of experience or skill. Whether you're interested in trying a singing lesson for the first time or have been singing for years or even for vocal rehab and recovery from an injured voice Greg has you covered. Great pricing compared to other tuition in the eastern suburbs. Look no further!

AMY SACCO Vocalist/Performer/Teacher
I started voice lessons with Greg in 2014 and I absolutely love them. I am a teacher and I use my voice a lot.
Vocal Foundations is absolutely amazing! Greg is one of the most talented singers I have ever come across. Lessons with him are fun and I have learnt more than I ever could have imagined.
My voice lessons have really helped me with using my voice effectively without causing any damage. Greg is an amazing teacher, with his support I think my singing has come further than I ever could have imagined. I have also gained so much confidence with all the opportunities I have had to perform.

AMARIS LEE Singer/Musician/Teacher
Amazing teacher that works on both technical and musicality. Great charisma and gives you practical tips on how to thrive in the music industry!

SARAH JEAN Singer/Songwriter/Artist
Greg is a fantastic voice teacher! I would recommend him for everyone.

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